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Alameda Flea Market

With a busy wedding season at hand, it’s been tough making it out to my favorite flea (The Alameda Faire) for the past few months. The Alameda, in my opinion has some of the best dealers around – and it is always an adventure whenever I do make it out. I had a late start this Sunday but was ecstatic to have at least caught the tail end of the faire. With only an HOUR or so to spare, I made my way up and down each aisle p-r-e-t-t-y quickly!



I was on the hunt for Mudcloth and Kantha…I could not be stopped….


Textiles are my absolute weakness!


Finally found what I came here for… Kantha throws!


I could not resist myself… MORE Kantha, different dealer. Plus, no two pieces are the same!!


I had to move on…Time was ticking way too fast.

DSC_0107 copyDSC_0106DSC_0111

This dealer is the go-to guy for amazing vintage club chairs! Been thinking about picking up a pair or TWO. But, it is quite the investment! (Each chair is carefully  inspected, then imported from France.)


Anything old and chippy, Im hooked! For example this beautiful vessel at roughly $300 dollars can impulsively be mine. Luckily for me, there’s no time for impulse shopping today!! 😉

DSC_0118 copyDSC_0111_Fotor_CollageDSC_0123DSC_0131DSC_0134DSC_0136DSC_0137DSC_0143DSC_0146_Fotor_CollageDSC_0151DSC_0152DSC_0154DSC_0161DSC_0155

Some of the best gems are found in the back of ones TRUCK. Seriously.


And finally…Mudcloth!


I’m so glad I had just enough time to find what I was looking for. I can’t hardly wait for next month!