Frequently Asked Questions

Can I come to your showroom to look around?

Absolutely, we love visitors! Our showroom is open Monday – Friday by appointment only. We want to make sure someone is on-hand to show you around and answer any questions that you might have so we do ask that you contact us in advance to schedule an appointment.

Where is your showroom located?

Our showroom address is 41919 Osgood Road Fremont, Ca 94539

Is there someone live that I can speak to over the phone?

Most definitely. Our direct contact phone number is 408-239-4707. Feel free to contact our office Monday - Friday between the hours of 8am - 5pm.

Do you have a minimum rental fee?

For orders requiring deivery our minimum rental fee is $800. Higher minimums may apply as each delivery may vary.

Where can I find pricing for your rentals?

Pricing for all of our rentals is found on our Collection page. You also have the option to create a wish list from there and once we receive your inquiry someone from our team will respond to you with a full quote.

Aside from the rental cost what other fees am I looking at?

Our delivery logistics really depends upon the distance traveled, the size of your order, and miscellaneous aspects that may vary. We charge a travel fee of $2.25 per mile (x2), starting from our Fremont warehouse to your events location and a service fee of 28% of your total rental order for all delivery orders.

How do I secure my event date?

To ensure both your event date and rental selection is booked we require a 50% non refundable deposit and executed contract.

I have a truck, can I pick up the rentals from your warehouse myself?

Will call pick-up at our Fremont warehouse is available. However large ticket items such as farm tables, chairs, upholstered seating pieces, architectural structures will require delivery.

OOPS I broke it. Now what??

Accidents happen. For all tabletop items not returned, or are returned chipped, cracked, or otherwise damaged, the credit card on file will be charged three times (3x) the rental rate. For all furniture, architectural, and/or decor pieces, that are not returned or are returned damaged, the credit card on file will be charged three times (3x) the rental rate. If an item is returned stained or damaged but can be cleaned or repaired, the credit card on file will only be charged the cost Seventh Heaven incurred to fix it, along with a 10% daily rate for the duration of time the item is away from our warehouse.

Will Seventh Heaven be in charge of designing and styling my rental selection?

Creative Direction, Design and/or Styling is an all-inclusive service when booking Seventh Heaven's Prop Styling service only. Standard "per item" rentals will be delivered and placed as instructed by you in advance or day of coordinator.

I have vintage pieces Im looking to sell, are you interested?

We are always on the hunt for new treasures. Please email with a minimum of 8-9 images with your price. That'll save us lots of time!